28 Days of February – vSphere 6

Of all the new things coming from VMware, I believe that most people will agree with me, the vSphere 6 release is the most exciting.  vSphere is the core offering from VMware and they just continue to make it better and better.

Here are some upcoming and exciting changes that are coming in vSphere 6:

  • Instant Clone
  • Scalability
    • 2x the hosts per cluster
    • 4x the VMs per host
    • 4x the virtual RAM per VM


  • Hosts per Cluster = 64
  • VMs per Cluster = 8,000
  • CPUs per Host = 480
  • RAM per Host = 12 TB
  • VMs per Host = 2,048
  • Virtual CPUs per VM = 128
  • Virtual RAM per VM = 4 TB

These changes are huge, making it so virtually any workload can run on a VMware vSphere hyper visor.  We see nearly a 2x and sometimes 4x upgrade from the 5.5 release.

Instant Cloning

This term is better known by most as Project Fargo (Don’t cha Know?)  What Instant Cloning does is really cool.  This uses virtual memory technology to rapidly deploy mass amounts of VMs in a very short period of time.

I have to agree with Pat Gelsinger here when he says that this is the biggest ever release of their flagship product. 650 new features and innovations.  I cannot wait to get this installed in my lab!



28 Days of February – Launch Event recap

On February 2nd, VMware announced that there are some big changes coming to a lot of their popular products.  After viewing the launch event where CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke of all the upcoming changes I was both shocked and excited.  I will go into detail later in other upcoming blog posts, but for this we will go over the announcements I am excited about.

  • VMware vSphere 6
    • 650+ features
    • 3D support for graphics with nVidia
    • Massive Scale up on RAM/Hosts/VMs/vCPUs
    • Long Distance vMotion
    • Fault Tolerance for Multi-processor VMs
  • VMware Virtual SAN 6
    • All Flash architecture
    • Increased Scaleability
    • Rack Awareness
    • Support for JBOD
  • VMware NSX
    • Ability to use similar networking no matter where the VM is (Public, Private or Hybrid)
  • VMware Integrated OpenStack
    • OpenStack will now integrate with VMware
    • Free for all Enterprise Plus customers!

Future posts will go into more a little more detail on the following announcements.